Malidoma’s spouse, Fati Malidoma Somé, carries Malidoma’s name as a portion of her full name. It is her true name and her medicine name.

In Burkina Faso she can be referred to as “Madame Malidoma”.

Fati Malidoma Somé is the one who will soon step forth to “make friends with the stranger-enemy.”

Malidoma chose her for a significant reason:

To carry on his legacy with the fire of the ancestors backing her and him, as he directs her from the Other Side.

Named Annoubaternifa Fati Malidoma Somé, she carries the meaning of “Malidoma” as her prime directive and takes it forward to teach the ways of indigenous heart connection.

Funeral Days of Malidoma Somé, January 2022


Malidoma’s stunning, immense funeral lasted 5 beautiful unending days. Technically the funeral began on January 13, 2022, at the moment Malidoma’s body left the soil of the United States and rose into the air via plane destined to return to his homeland. In Burkina Faso, his body was carried immediately to the home village, when the music and sea of tears began to flow.

The funeral lasted until Tuesday January 18, when the last pole of his funeral shrine was lifted from the ground. During that time the celebration of his life continued without ceasing. Musicians played, ritual washing and wailing continued, singers chanted of his life, stories were told of all his years and works and adventures, and thousands of people from near and far approached the shrine of his body.

During these days his widow, Fati Malidoma Somé, was accompanied always, guardian keepers at her side.

Throughout this time, by Dagara mandate absolutely no business could be solicited using the name of Malidoma Somé or the Somé family, by email / online or verbal offer of service or in person, as this was the time of the liminal. Any business requested by someone during these days invoking Malidoma’s name would violate the spiritual tradition. The work and shrines of such a person would eventually be devoured by the liminal space of the funeral, their business unsanctified. Fati and the Somé family thus conducted no business in the name of Malidoma Somé during this event.

Once the funeral days ended, the rituals commenced in earnest for Madame Malidoma. She went through many rituals, sometimes with elders and sometimes with many villagers. Her tears were washed from her face over and over. Her state of being was divined upon. Her head was shorn of her beautiful hair. She had to complete many tasks to be declared free to end the main portion of the funeral, an event that also buried a part of her heart.

After this period of time which lasted about two weeks, the time of Malidoma’s ancestralization began, an additional liminal period of a number of continual days and nights. That is the ritual process of seating Malidoma in the land of the ancestors as one who can now dispense aid and counsel.

After some days this was complete. The next phase began.

After the Funeral Days…

Shamanic Counsel and Divinations, looking to the future

After the funeral days were complete began the time of determining how Malidoma came to leave before his time, an event unforeseen. Consultations with elders and spirits, with other shamans near and far were done. Ritual corrections were done. More consultations were sought.

This process of gathering information and ritual is still ongoing. With each step comes an adjustment, or a task that needs doing.

The time is coming that Fati will take the helm of Malidoma’s great work. She will lead and direct and bring forth innovations that the ancestors see will be needed for this new world, a world again vastly different than when Malidoma began his medicine teaching path.

Fati Somé holds deeply in her heart Malidoma’s children by Malidoma’s marriage to his previous wife Ruta and will defend them always, as well as Ruta herself. Ruta’s presence in Fati’s and Malidoma’s home is unceasing. Along with Malidoma himself, they have a firm alliance of three, two beyond the veil and Fati strongly present in this world.

Malidoma is very active in counsel, working with Fati for what is to come. Any of Malidoma’s work to come will only be authorized by this ordained partnership through the voice of Fati Somé, under direction of Malidoma himself. Fati Malidoma Somé was directed by Malidoma himself before his death that she is not to remarry, that the marriage to Malidoma continues. Fati affirms that Malidoma remains her husband and their partnership endures into the future.

Malidoma saw in Fati the fire of the feminine, the character to lead legions, and the gift of discovering the correct spirit centered solution for the need at hand. 

Fati is gifted with a vast otherworldly sense to search for and find the correct shaman needed in the vast land of Burkina Faso, like nobody else can.  She spent over a decade in apprenticeship with shamans of West Africa.

He chose her for these powers and more, with conviction and knowing that she would carry on his great work, while hand in hand with him, even when he left to join with the ancestors.

“You will not remarry after I die, for you will remain my wife even still, and I will be your spirit husband…And if  a child comes to you, even long after my death, you will name him Malidoma…”….Malidoma’s directions to Fati, before joining the Land of the Ancestors.