Frequently Asked Questions

Fati Somé is aware of questions being posted on social media accounts and asked in private conversations.    She has received word of some of these questions and would like to address some of those here.  Please note that she has no access to the social media accounts or Malidoma’s website at this time, as they are being held in outside hands for purposes of probate.  Here is where she can answer some of those questions.  If people would like to ask further questions, please use the contact information  provided and allow a week or so for response, though response will likely be sooner.


What is happening with Malidoma’s website and social media accounts and email list?
All of Malidoma’s website and social media accounts and business assets are in probate proceedings in the Florida courts (which allow for a wife’s inheritance, even when most recent Last Will mentioning a wife appears misplaced).  Their workings and postings are currently not authorized by Malidoma and Fati who continue their working marriage and partnership, and they are not authorized by the ancestors of Malidoma.  Madame Malidoma has no ability to respond on those sites and social media accounts as it is being held by outside hands at present, due to technicalities of probate.  Anything posted on those venues is the decision of the court assigned probate representative who acts of their own accord without consulting the Dagara family and Malidoma’s wife. 

What about any emails received from Malidoma’s business during the time of the funeral between January 13 and 18, 2021?
Any email or business solicitation made during Malidoma’s liminal-time funeral days using his name was not authorized by Malidoma Somé nor the family and goes gravely against Dagara spirit technologies.  No business under the name of the deceased is ever allowed during any Dagara funeral, by spirit and ancestral mandate.  It is not a human mandate, but an ancient one within the coding of the tradition, and carries automated spirit responses out of human hands.  Malidoma himself is aware that his wife and the family did not solicit business for via email or postings during the funeral days.  If you received solicitation email in Malidoma’s name during his funeral or ancestralization, spirit is aware that it did not come from the family of Malidoma.

Why was Malidoma’s wife not mentioned in the obituary postings?
The obituary text published on various social media platforms, on Malidoma’s website and his business newsletter email and other venues, was not written by family.  It was an error against Elder Malidoma and the Somé ancestors to omit the ordained surviving wife from death announcements.  Fati Somé was prescribed for this role at Malidoma’s side, called to the job by the ancestors.  Rest assured that in Burkina Faso, she was announced and celebrated and cared for in ways that would astound the West in its ongoing, deep, beautiful, ritualized nature.  The lack of mention is noticed by the family and the Dagara ancestors. 

Why was Fati Somé not in the United States at the time of his death?
For two years Fati Somé had been awaiting paperwork approval to enter the United States as Malidoma’s wife, and as the US is slow in processing such requests, she was still waiting upon this while he was dying.  She was not permitted to enter to be at his side while he lay dying.  In his last days, he asked to return to Burkina Faso to be with his wife upon his homeland while still in body, but that was not able to be accomplished, though several gentlemen at his side did try to make such arrangements with fervor.

Are there any authorized teachings currently happening under Malidoma’s name that are given blessing and authorization by the Dagara and by Malidoma Patrice Somé himself?
No, there are no authorized teachings at the present moment under the name of Malidoma Somé in the United States or in any country, despite posts to the contrary espousing some great authority to do so.   The website and businesess were built to contain the wisdom stream of the Dagara teachings, pouring forth from the land of the Dagara.  There may be others presenting their view of Dagara teachings on other websites, there may be longstanding teachers of Dagara wisdom presenting elsewhere, but there are no authorized classes under Malidoma’s own name from the Dagara directly.  This fact is reaffirmed despite posts espousing the contrary.  Malidoma Patrice Somé himself is very firm about this fact  If there are questions about workshops being given by others, or if those reading this website currently teach Dagara technologies and would like to be listed on the future website as someone recommended, please reach out directly through the email provided on the contact page.

What will be offered in the future?
Fati Somé will direct authorized teachings.  She will direct who is to teach Malidoma’s great work, and will likely bring forth new teachings as Malidoma himself directs.  She will direct the teaching of divination and other subjects, she will likely arrange consecration of items for students who bring such items to Burkina Faso, and she will source the correct shaman for given challenges for those seeking shaman counsel and aid from the land of Burkina Faso.  She will offer consultation on ritual correction and serve as liaison to shaman directly in Burkina Faso for student needs, and she will likely have other offerings s as the ancestors direct her to do.  Above all, she will do as Malidoma directs, as the ancestors direct, as the ancient lineage keepers of the Dagara wisdom instruct her to do.

Will there be continued opportunities to visit the land of the Dagara in Malidoma’s home village?
Journeys to the land of the Dagara will continue and will be forthcoming under Fati Somé’s direction and spirit protection in the future.  If you as reader are a spiritual technologies teacher and would like to bring a group to Burkina Faso, please reach to the email provided on the contact page.  If you are a private party and would like to see shamans in Burkina Faso, please feel free to contact Fati Somé directly,;  a visit and in-country transport can be fully arranged with a guide(s)  for your comfort.  All visits will begin early 2023 and then ongoing.

What does the title of “Elder”mean, outside of Burkina Faso?
The title outsdie of Dagara-land is akin to a high school diploma, with classes taken and a course of ritual completed.  It is nothing like the title of “Elder” granted from Dagara initiation and lifelong service, as the Dagara performed it, as detailed in Malidoma Somé ‘s book Of Water and the Spirit.  Eldership in Burkina Faso is granted decades after. the initiation ceremony, when an initiated person has long served and is ready to take the title of being in an Eldership role with all magical and tradition knowledge.  This title as used in the West (outside Africa)  is not recognized at anywhere near the same level by the Dagara, but it is recognition of study and steady work in what elements of the tradition have been revealed to those born elsewhere.  The title is no longer being granted by the Dagara to foreigners, because of confusion at the potency of the title in reality.

Are there any other members of Malidoma’s family who will be teaching?
At the present time Fati Malidoma Somé is the one chosen to continue the teachings, and only Fati Somé.  If later there are other family members joining the public outreach of the Dagara, such as Malidoma’s children, Madame Malidoma will announce this and will work with them closely and proudly.  She looks forward to the work to come hand in hand with her husband, with his children, with Malidoma’s previous wife Ruta, and with the Dagara ancestors, to carry on the stream of outreach contained within the great name “Malidoma.”  

When will we hear further announcements?
Fati Somé listens to the direction of the ancestors and the direction of Malidoma himself.  Though the exact moment is unknown, it will be in the near future, she is told.