About Annoubaternifa Fati Malidoma Somé

Fati Somé is a giant of a woman, filled with fiery energy, a woman who can command an army with aplomb.  Her queenly stature is what made Malidoma fall in love with her at first sight.  Malidoma knew that when he would leave this life, she would reign.  He knew that if he did not have someone strong at his side to take over, there was a chance the great work authorized by his ancestors would itself also die, for there was no one else in the family stepping forward as apprentice.  Fati descends from distant relations of Malidoma and was fated for this role.

Malidoma’s previous wife Ruta Somé had died too early.  Ruta’s call was service-heart, not public teaching and leadership.  After intense mourning over Ruta’s sudden death where Malidoma wailed at the ancestors at fever pitch for months, crying out for Ruta, asking why she was taken so early, too young, he began to see the new plan.  He was to find his new love, a member of the Dagara assigned to take his side,  one who would later stand upon the platform of power with the presence of the great feminine.  She  would lead the collective with magnetism and stewardship.   He heard the call of the ancestors to find her.  

He found that power in Fati.   Another shaman had declared to Fati a while earlier that she was to marry a man who lives afar.  She could not imagine who this man was, until she saw Malidoma Somé.  She knew instantly, this is the man living in the land of the stranger who she was prophesied to marry.  He was her ancestral assignment.  Malidoma and Fati were deeply in love, an incredible partnership of mutual admiration and recognition.

Fati’s Compelling Skillset

Malidoma chose Fati for her immense strength and ancestral fire, knowing that when he left, the great feminine would rise in her to serve the world in his name.  His work would thus enter a new phase for the modern troubled world.

Fati spent many years in full-time apprenticeship with multiple potent African shamans working at their side.  She has witnessed and worked with a great deal of magic and spirit technology and communed with many spirits. She senses the flow of spirit through events and people’s lives.  She meets even in physical presence with the kontomblé, who continue the mighty alliance of the Little People and the Somé family.  She has been chosen by Malidoma, and she is readying herself for this immense task.

During their work together, Malidoma saw that Fati was the more capable of the two of them in finding the correct shaman-diviner for a given situation.  Fati has supreme hunting skills in sourcing the specialist needed in the moment, every shaman carrying different specialties and strengths.  She instinctively knows where she will find the medicine person needed.  She travels and does reconnaissance work for many people even now, as she did for Malidoma.  She seeks perfection in ritual execution and full clarity in divination.

Fati has a commanding presence.  Eyes are magnetically drawn to her, and any directive pouring from her voice brings all to attention.  She is a battle commander with the cosmic mother’s heart.  She is fierce and loving and fearless.  She looks forward to world service and to continuing the work begun by Maldioma Somé.

Please check back here and watch for what will come from the land of the Dagara. And know that if it comes from Fati Somé, it also comes from Malidoma’s own voice.